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wants to lead  the orchestra must turn his      back to the    


Max Ludlow

A Unique Consulting Experience

for Canadian Dental Professionals



our approach is customized to the unique needs of your clinic allowing us to focus on the challenges you are facing from the first day we begin working with you



our consultants seamlessly integrate into your clinical environment providing us the ability to work and coach directly with the people that need us most

Zero Commitment Consulting

we understand this process can be overwhelming and have therefore attempted to take the stress out of your decision by offering  zero commitment options on all consulting services

Unparalleled Experience

our principles are built on the foundation of proven dental practices yet our methods utilize the latest resources and technologies to keep your practice on top of the latest dental information

Resource Rich Network

when working with us, you will have full access to our network of experts who have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to effectively meet any challenge you may face



your business doesn't run on bankers hours so neither do we, available 24/7 by phone or email we will be there to help resolve any issues you may be facing no matter what time it is


to empower Canadian dental professionals by providing the necessary tools for building a more productive and profitable business that results in a better environment for their patients, their teams and their practices


... going into any project or new system implementation she was able to set clear goals...there was no messy turnover in staff which allowed our team to get down to work almost instantly. The office now functions like a well oiled machine, and because of her focus on insuring that the entire team is properly trained, we can now handle any wrench thrown into our day.

Dr. S. Rowshani

Toronto, Ontario

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