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a trusted advisor and coaching partner to leading and emerging practices and professionals. Practices Made Perfect is committed to helping our clients obtain maximum value, service, and efficiency by empowering them with the necessary tools and knowledge to build a more productive, happy, and profitable dental practice.

grounded in solid business concepts, our team provides and coaches unique systems and protocols for managing your practice. whether you’re a solo practitioner or a larger team in need of assistance, we are ready to help develop a strategy for success. drawing on our years of experience within the dental industry, we have extensive knowledge in guiding practice leaders to reclaim and redefine their own future while providing an external perspective on strategic goals and objectives. 


founded on an unwavering belief that a practice’s greatest asset is its people, Practices Made Perfect is deeply passionate about working with teams to give them the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary for success. our offerings are bespoke in nature, as we take the time to understand your particular needs and desired outcomes before tailoring a unique and fully customizable plan of action. 


our in-office coaching approach has been designed to negate production down-time as we work alongside staff to coach and train through day-to-day business and real world issues. standing behind our methodology and our results, we only offer unlocked contracts meaning you will never be forced to commit any more time and money necessary to accomplish your objectives.

while focusing on team and customer service, we also excel in creating innovative solutions to problems and setting up systems to bring in new patients. Practices Made Perfect has been utilized by dentists across Canada to help them with all aspects of running their business from account receivables, IT and hygiene management to human resources and treatment coordination. whatever your requirements and no matter their complexity we pride ourselves on being available when you need us most; meeting your needs efficiently, swiftly and with excellence. 

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working with dentists from

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