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Best Self Journal

  • success 13 weeks at a time

    The SELF Journal is not your average notebook. Instead of never-ending lined pages, the SELF journal asks you to focus on one to three top goals that you have for a 13 week period (one calendar quarter). Built like a daily workbook, each page incorporates the elements that the world’s most productive people use everyday. Self Journal allows anyone to make progress on their goals, even if they’re constantly haunted by procrastination.


    build daily habits that make success effortless

    We believe that your day is a bite sized reflection of your bigger goals. Success doesn’t happen all at once, it’s a collection of successful days in a row. Your SELF Journal will help you understand how today plays its role in your ultimate goal, and with the carefully constructed, you’ll being to see success is nothing more than a daily habit. daily pages force you to look at the most important parts of your day.


    Better Planning = Better Goals = Better Results

    BESTSELF’s goal planner helps you identify your goals and then break them down into bite sized and easy to manage chunks. Simply by following the SELF Journal to the end means you WILL take daily action. And after 13 weeks, that adds up to serious progress. With strategic SOMETHING that keeps you checking in every day and every week, you’ll be able to course correct along the way for the fastest path to success.

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